Get started in 3 steps

Level up your group communication in three easy steps using Message Highway.

1. Create a sign up form

One click to create a form, and then input your organization details

  • Your organization
  • Acme Corporation
  • Glendale High School
  • Spiderweb DevOps Team
  • Important alerts
  • New product alerts
  • 2 hour delay and school closing alerts
  • Emergency status texts

2. Share the form link

The form authorizes Message Highway to send texts on your behalf.

3. Send text alerts

Send to your entire group at once, no matter the size. That's it!

  • Hey everyone,
    This week's club meeting has been moved
    to the second floor. See you there!
  • P1 incident: All servers are down.
    Please join the meeting
  • Soccer tournament alert!
    Thunderstorm warning. Seek shelter.
    Games will resume in 30min
  • Winter parking starts today!
    Park on the even side of the street M, W, & F.
    Odd T, Th, F, & Sa

Transparent pricing

With Message Highway, you only pay a flat fee for access to our services and a fee per message sent. You can monitor your account usage throughout the month - no surprise bills!

Visit our Pricing page for a cost breakdown.

Special accomodations

Do you have unique communication requirements, use cases, or customizations? Reach out out to our team, and we would love to help out.